Top Iraqi cleric warns of 'foreign influence' in elections

May 4, 2018

Iraq's top Shiite cleric warns 'foreign influence' in upcoming national elections could undermine a free and fair vote

Afghanistan rolls out electronic ID cards despite opposition

May 3, 2018

Afghanistan rolls out long-delayed electronic ID cards that president says will help fight terror; some against the move

Pakistani lawyer ends protest after army reassures Shiites

May 2, 2018

A lawyer in Pakistan ended her three-day hunger strike after the country's top general vowed to redouble efforts to protect the Shiite minority, which has been targeted in a string of attacks by Sunni extremists

Iraq's IS trials bring swift verdicts, almost all guilty

Apr 29, 2018

Thousands of Iraqis arrested on suspicion of ties to the Islamic State group are being rushed through counterterrorism courts in trials that raise questions over whether justice is being done

Mysterious mummy found in Iran could be father of last shah

Apr 24, 2018

Discovery of mummified body in Tehran raises speculation it could be missing remains of former monarch Reza Shah Pahlavi

Suicide bombers kill 6 police, wound 8 troops in Pakistan

Apr 24, 2018

Officials in Pakistan say suicide bombers have struck a police vehicle and a security checkpoint in separate attacks in the city of Quetta, killing six police and wounding eight paramilitary troops

Iran police's assault on woman over headscarf stirs debate

Apr 23, 2018

Video of police assaulting woman over her loose headscarf stirs debate on mandatory hijabs in Islamic Republic

Pakistan: Gunmen kill 2 Shiites in Quetta

Apr 22, 2018

Police in Pakistan say gunmen have killed two Shiites and wounded a third in Quetta, the latest in a recent series of attacks on the religious minority

Saudi Arabia uses ancient tourist site to alter its history

Apr 21, 2018

Saudi Arabia is hoping to alter perceptions as it prepares to open the country to tourist visas and international tour groups later this year

Indian police arrest 18 Rohingya Muslims

Apr 19, 2018

Indian police say they have arrested 18 Rohingya Muslims in a remote northeastern region as they prepared to board a train for New Delhi after entering illegally from Bangladesh

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